More deals, new contacts. Saves time, and cuts costs.


Connects advisors, intermediaries and investors.

Automates processes and speeds up communication.

Protects the interests of users.


Online database

Instant overviewof deals and investors.

Manage, share and receive deals. Exploit both CRM and dealsourcing capabilities. Reach investors swiftly and easily.

Finding a buyer

Secure even more buyers.

Select potential buyers through automated matchmaking or involve your connections in the search for a buyer.

What more can DEALock do


Get new contacts to advisors, intermediaries and investors.

Finding an investment opportunity

Discover the best investment opportunity for you.

Deal sourcing

Stay in online touch with the entire DEALock community.

Team management

Online overview of deals across the business unit and the status of their development.

Who is DEALock for?

M&A advisors

Financial advisors
Legal advisors
Private bankers

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PE/VC funds
Family offices
Individual investors
Corporate M&A

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Business owners

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About us...

DEALock’s development team has hundreds of M&A transactions under its belt and more than 20 years of experience, whether on the side of advisors, buyers or sellers.


Frequently Asked Questions

DEALock is a web app that you can use on your computer, tablet or phone. No installation is required, just log in with your email address and password at

To register for DEALock, please visit the registration form at the top right of the website.
As DEALock is only available to verified M&A professionals at this stage, we will follow a few-step verification process to assess whether DEALock is right for you.
You will then be created an account and after activation you can make DEALs.

DEALock protects the personal interests of users. It is up to you to whom you share information and to what extent. If you request it, you may require the signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement before sharing information.

We ensure the highest IT security standards.

Our team is constantly working on additional functionalities that will simplify your daily work and streamline the M&A process.

For example, you can look forward to the implementation of other sectors of investment banking such as debt financing, venture capital, as well as other asset classes such as commercial real estate.

We are also preparing an M&A academy with practical advice without a hidden agenda to sell something. Anyone can contribute.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while using DEALock, please feel free to contact us at

Our team is ready to address all your questions with full commitment.

DEALock j.s.a.

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