More deals
for investors

DEALock aims to simplify and speed up the process
of leads and attractive investment opportunities sourcing.


Benefits for investors

Lower costs

Online access to deals, advisors, other investors and tipsters.

Saving time

Automatic matching. Structured information. Quick “go/no-go” decisions.

More deals

Presentation space in the M&A community. Outreach to regions and cross-border deals.

Proprietary Deals

Connected with a network of advisors and tipsters who have trust and long-standing relationships with business owners.


What will DEALock bring you?

DEALock allows you to accelerate deal-flow based on investor-selected investment criteria. It filters opportunities so that the investment manager is only involved in deals that are relevant to them and increases the investor’s reach across regions as well as cross-border deals. With its own DEALock network, investor has a higher chance of a proprietary deal. Conversely, in the exit phase of the fund, the investor has a presentation platform in front of a broad community of M&A professionals, increasing the likelihood of finding a strategic investor.

Automated sourcing of deals and moving communication to an online environment also saves investors time and costs.

As a result, with DEALock, investors have access to more investment opportunities relevant to them and a higher chance of a successful exit.