Simply find a prospective
buyer for your company

The aim of DEALock is to simplify, speed up and cheapen
the process of connecting sellers and buyers.


Benefits for sellers

Finding a buyer

Direct access to a community of investors, advisors and tipsters.

Lower costs

Multifold lower costs of selling the business. Savings in thousands of EUR.

Price increase

More prospective buyers, advisory from members of the DEALock community.

Hiring an advisor

A list of peer-reviewed and verified financial and legal advisors.


What will DEALock bring you?

DEALock makes it easy for business owners to find a prospective buyer while maintaining absolute discretion. While the owner has the opportunity to present their business to the entire DEALock community, they do not have to do so. By automatically matching strategic investors, sharing only with select financial investors based on their investment criteria or advisors based on their ratings, the business owner has the opportunity to find the right person to sell their business to.

Sharing the deal only to relevant interested parties is also ensured by an automated “buy/sell” matching algorithm.

As a result, sellers with DEALock have more prospective buyers, lower advisory costs and a chance to achieve a higher purchase price.