More deals
for M&A professionals

The goal of DEALock is to simplify and speed up the lead generation process,
securing suitable buyers for your clients


Benefits for advisors


Online access to deals, advisors, investors and tipsters.

Minimising effort

Automatic matching. Easily fill your database, share information, and make agreements.

Protection of interests

Secure information sharing. NDA, Non-circumvention, agreement on commercial terms of collaboration. User reviews.

Unique functionalities

Integration of tipsters. Creating collaborations. Database of investors. Deal tracking.


What will DEALock bring you?

DEALock allows you to conveniently enter prospects into a structured database, manage them, share them securely within your company, among your connections or within the entire DEALock community, have them automatically matched with other users’ deals, create buyer acquisition collaborations, make agreements, and involve your connections in acquiring mandates.

Automating processes and moving communication to an online environment also saves advisers time and costs.

As a result, advisors make more deals with DEALock, have a higher success rate of closings, and therefore higher success fees.